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Workshop Session

The message given today regarding anxiety, depression, grief and so much more was so well put and spoken. I’m thankful to have received this message..

Kayla Johnson

Workshop Session

I enjoyed the community conversation this evening

Stacy Filipiak

Workshop Session

I attended the zoom meeting on How to Cope when Living Alone and enjoyed it. The panelists were diverse and very well informed. Thank you.

Raven McClinon

Workshop Session

Wonderful Community Conversations Session for Adults Who Live Alone.

Name Juanita Sanders

Workshop Session

The Our Community Conversation on August 12, was very useful information to provide to my community college aged students, and colleagues..

Jennifer Smith

Workshop Session

Thank you so much for the forum tonight about adults living alone. As an adult who lives alone, I thought this was a wonderful discussion! I was very encouraged by all of the information the panelists shared. I will definitely be applying what I learned tonight. If possible, please do more things like this maybe as a forum or Zoom hangout event or something similar. The support is much needed for adults who live alone during COVID-19. Anything you can do to support us would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

Angelique Cobb


I like the way you sing. Please do it again. Don't stop til you get enough.

Last Reg

Sister in Christ

Malique has such a welcoming spirit that warms my heart. Her voice is like a chorus of Angels that sweeps over your ears and into your heart. Her words minister, as well as, uplift me when our paths cross in that capacity. I pray that God keeps her covered throughout this journey and throughout her life. May the blessings of the Lord be upon you my Sister in Christ...Much Love!!!😘

Vanessa Knight-Landry

Mental Health Community Seminar

I was honored to have been invited to speak at the mental health community seminar presented by Positive Impact for Life! The seminar was excellent and critically needed and well received by the participants. I would highly recommend any organization partnering with Malique & Positive Impact for Life to help make their event a success.

Judge Glenda Hatchett


Each and every time I hear Malique minster through music, it is an awesome experience. She is anointed of God!

Ken James

Blessed to know her!

Malique is One of Grand Rapids Finest!
Not only does her smile brightens up any room, her love for God is shown, and felt when she Ministers in song. Her voice ushers in the presence of the Lord. I love to hear Malique go forth in worship, especially on Sunday mornings! May God continue to flow through her and bless her beyond measure. May her Light so brightly shine that others will see and glorify our Heavenly Father.

Cynthia J. Jackson


Malique is a phenomenal sacred music artist and inspirational speaker. She possesses a beautiful lyric soprano voice with refined nuances and engages the listener with expectation and inspires audiences with her winning, sincere and warm personality. She carries both a humanist spirit and a strong Christian commitment in her life and work. I highly recommend her as an artist or presenter.

Dr. Charsie Randolph Sawyer


Malique has been my Angel, my Inspiration and my moral compass for 34 years! Her Faith and Devotion are expelled into the Universe every time she sings!! Just to hear her voice, sit and visit with her or hear her sing will bring Peace to your Soul! God has Blessed her with an Anointed Spirit, a Heart of Love and a Voice from the Heavens! Please take time to be in her presence and hear her speak and sing, I promise you will come away from it Blessed and at Peace!

Melissa Coleman


Many times Mom Malique’s voice has made me smile, made me cry tears of joy, and praise God. The very first moment I heard her amazing voice it literally stopped me in my tracks; so angelic, so uplifting. I’m so excited for her voice to touch many more people as it did myself. God bless her on her amazing journey!

Whitney Watson


Beautiful, talented, anointed, blessed, faithful, strong woman of God that's just to name a few. There's always a message when she ministers. I'm blessed to have known this song bird all my life! Continue to let God use you Mom. I'm excited for where He's taking you.

Monica Grear

NOT A Performance, An Experience!

Malique brings us with her to the throne room of worship each and everytime she ministers in song. She pours out of her heart, love for God and allows us to come with her! She is anointed for this time. If you are looking for a fresh wind and anointing, you need Malique to come minister to you.

Tamasha James


Beautiful spirit. Malique is an angel with the voice of an angel. Unique. I’ve heard Malique sing/minister on several occasions and am blessed every time.

Cindy Glasper
The Rise Salon

As Beautiful As Ever


I've Heard Malique sing for over a decade now, and I still can't get enough. Beautiful! A Powerful Blessing that you don't want to miss.

Gregory Polson
Influx Studios


Malique has the voice of an angel and her beautiful spirit matches. She doesn’t perform, but instead leads her listeners into deep worship. You don’t want to miss any of her concerts!!

Shanan Burress

A Sweet, Sweet Sound!

Malique has the voice of an angel! When she ministers in song, your heart just smiles! It’s not just what you hear, it’s what you feel...and that’s the sweet anointing of the Holy Spirit surrounding you as you experience some of the most the sincerest worship. Her ministry is truly uplifting and transformative.

Dr. TaLawnda Bragg

Heaven is Most Definitely Missing an ANGEL!

When authority links together with the proper anointing you hear the impeccable vocal hygiene of Malique through song and speech laced with genuine love and served with the utmost quality of all: Humility.

Jennifer Polson
Jenn of All Trades

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