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Blog - Living the Best Life

I had a wonderful foundation to help me be successful in life. My mother, Missionary Diane Dobbins, knew that her children would need the Lord in their lives and she raised us accordingly. At an early age, we were given learning tools to help in our spiritual lives such as Sunshine Band and Purity classes.

As I grew, I learned that because we are to love God, it also meant to love people and to show them grace, mercy and understanding even when they didn’t deserve it. I was taught that I might one day need someone to show me mercy and a little grace. I learned that having values and morals would help me to develop good characteristics because what you do behind closed doors is who you really are.

Good values and morals helped me to love myself and to show love to others. I learned to ignore those who thought I was not the prettiest or slimmest girl and then encouraged others to feel good about who they were. Even before I understood the word self-esteem, I was encouraging young people to value themselves and what they could bring to the world around them. I learned to pray and expect good things to happen. Now as an adult, I try my best to show love, laugh more and encourage people.

Living my best life means helping others to identify their best potentials and to be a doer of the Word while showing “Agape” love through Christ Jesus.

What does living your best life look like?